Léger is a mobile application dedicated to real estate and automotive professionals. And much more than a simple mobile application, Léger is a real showcase dedicated to professionals in these two sectors.

It also serves as a reliable reference point for all those who are looking for real estate and/or cars anywhere in Africa.

Léger thus allows professionals to earn more commissions and markets by reaching a larger audience in the publication of their products. Their ads will no longer be limited to their home countries but will reach far beyond the borders of the publishing countries to reach more prospects and potential customers.

Available in English, French and Swahili, Léger is a very intuitive and easy to use application. Download it and experience it for yourself. It's Easy. It's Free.

Team Alafia is a Togolese start-up specialising in computer engineering projects, technology and communication services.

Team Alafia has worked on projects such as the African Union's tender project through its digital branch called Smart Africa. In March 2020, it launched a challenge to African start-ups and IT companies to come up with solutions in response to Covid-19. It is worth recalling that after deliberation, Team Alafia's project was selected as the 3rd best solution of all the offers received from all over Africa.

We also designed a web and mobile solution called Easymeeting before Léger application. It's an appointment scheduling application developed from scratch by our team.

For more information on Easymeeting, please visit our website It should be noted that on Léger, our ambition is to solve two major problems at the same time: accommodation and easy travel anywhere in Africa.

Constantly confronted with housing problems here in African cities, we had the idea of developing the Léger mobile application in order to help not only fellow citizens who encounter difficulties in the search for their housing but above all to allow them to have the possibility of comparing the prices of properties to rent or buy in the same area without being subject to too much speculation by landlords and real estate agents who, at the end of the day, don't really care about the economic situation in our countries.

Thanks to the competition imposed by Léger, we hope that the prices of real estate will be reasonable for our populations everywhere in Africa.

Léger is a mobile service application dedicated to real estate and automotive professionals.

Also, the important and recurrent flow of our compatriots in the diaspora who for some years now have been returning to their countries in Africa, leads us to consider this problem they are constantly facing:

how to get around? Should they buy a vehicle or rent one? For how long a holiday or holiday? a puzzle that does not leave them any respite.

Between the scams and the lack of seriousness of most people who set themselves up as car agents and specialists, we thought of developing this platform to give the same chance to all those who are looking for cars for their holidays.

We simply connect them with professionals in their destination country.


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Advertising has never been so cheap and accessible to all! Download Léger and communicate beyond your borders! It's easy & it's cheap.


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Before doing any research, make sure you have chosen the location as a priority (here the country and in addition to the city if it is a property)


  • Click on add a new publication
  • Follow the steps
  • Add your images
  • Validate your creation (wait for the images to load)
  • Click on the Publish button just above the ad
  • Cancel the publication by clicking on Cancel if necessary
  • Wait for validation (this can take between 30 and 60 minutes)
  • View your ad in Home


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Image 360°

A 360-degree photo is a panoramic image that surrounds the point from which the picture was taken. It is possible to move around the image, left, right, up and down by sliding your finger on the photo in the desired direction, or by moving your smartphone thanks to the gyroscope system.

We offer it on Léger for a better user experience

Create an Account

We start with an e-mail; then follow the instructions until your account is validated by a code that you will receive in your mailbox earlier.

Now press Finish and wait for your account to be created to enjoy all the features of Léger

Ads & Statistics

Making your products and services known in order to be able to offer them on demand is a job as old as the hills. But how do you go about it in this frightening globalisation? Léger offers you a platform, if not a showcase, that is as dynamic, varied and international as it is capable of selling your product or service beyond its borders.

Contact us by e-mail at for more information on the possibility of advertising on our platform. Advertise at low prices!


The first 60 days of use of Léger are totally free.

Moreover, if you are not a professional but have only one property, you can publish it at 0 franc during the whole month. It's free.

Subscribe freely afterwards to a plan that suits you from the 61st day and take advantage of the platform's services. The plans are worded as follows:

  • Monthly subscription is 5.000 FCFA
  • The quarterly subscription is 10.000 FCFA
  • Annual subscription is 30.000 FCFA

It is important to note that no refunds are possible after the payment of this subscription once the user has accepted the Terms and Conditions of Use (T&C) as such and has logged in to the platform for its use.